ICGB Bioreactor

Product name:

Anaerobic bioreactor


ICGB bioreactor


Description of product:

.The product is capable of treating various types of industrial wastewater with high efficiency (80 to 95%).

.It has capability to be designed in different volumes.

.It has capability to remove high levels of industrial pollutants such as COD and BOD, which cannot be eliminated with conventional wastewater treatment methods.


Technical specifications of the product:

Nowadays, biogas production is recognized as a source of biotech, clean, and renewable energy whose production process in an anaerobic reactor consists of four stages: hydrolysis, acidogenesis, acetogenesis, and finally methanogenesis. The main characteristic of the EGSB reactor is the high percentage of reactions in quadruple biogas production compared to other anaerobic methods. So that, theoretically, for every 100 kg of TCOD per day, 1.5 cubic meters per hour of biogas is produced. This energy can be converted into electricity and enters the national grid, or supplies energy required for the electrical equipment of the treatment plants. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that, industrial units possessing biogas production can benefit from the advantages of green industry certification.