COD measurement vial

Product name:

COD measurement vial


Low Range COD Vial, Medium Range COD Vial, High Range COD Vial

Description of product:

Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) is one of the most significant indicators which determines the quality of water and wastewater. Generally, COD contamination is due to the external particles that enter water whether suspended or dissolved and cause pollution and subsequently produce wastewater. It is obvious that the higher the amount of such particles in wastewater, the greater the degree of contamination. Hence, COD measurement test is regarded as a crucial part in water and wastewater treatment sites.

Technical specifications of the product:

Vial Range (ppm)

Product No.

Low Range 0-150 22070015
Medium Range 0-1500 22070150
High Range 0-15000 22071500