about us



Sepehr Kavir Fardad is a mighty, professional and innovative company with expert and committed managers who works in the realm of water and wastewater industry


 Regarding the growing needs of human society to healthy water, the community aims to provide technical, reliable and affordable services relevant to water and wastewater with being equipped to the cutting-edge methods and state-of-the-art technologies


   Currently, all the water and wastewater laboratories of the country use the imported vials for measuring the water pollutants which not only cost a fortune but also lead to an outflow of currency. It is worth mentioning that for some of these kits and vials either there is no similar internal sample or if there is, it is not accurate enough to be trusted. Hence, we have addressed this issue by laying a groundwork for manufacturing reliable, accurate and indigenous vials


   We are able to produce all types of required products for measurement related to water and wastewater industry particularly measuring the chemical oxygen demand, silica, dissolved oxygen and so on


 The intended target is to manufacture internal products relying on indigenous knowledge in accordance with international standards to meet the needs of country. In this regard, as a first step we extracted and employed the international standards of USA and Europe to produce the mentioned products. Since the analysis of sewage is only utilizable in standard conditions not non-standard, we employ the reverse engineering method to examine American and European brands