Our activities

The main business objectives and activities of Sepehr Kavir Fardad

1. The design, manufacture, exploitation and support of water treatment systems (reverse osmosis) with efficiency above 80%. It is worth mentioning that, in case it is required, the treatment systems have the capability to refine with an efficiency of more than 92%.  The degree of efficiency is variable based on the analysis of the regional water and the quality of the required water. Note that the quality degree of the produced water varies according to the type of consumption such as: cooling towers, inlet water supply of the boilers, drinkable water, agriculture, and greenhouse.

2.The design, manufacture, exploitation, and support of all types of industrial and municipal wastewater treatment systems by employing physical, chemical, and biological methods. In this context, aerobic and anaerobic wastewater treatment can be particularly pointed out as biological methods. Concerning the anaerobic systems, our company for the first time has provided the possibility of designing and manufacturing of such bioreactors relying on the four-year effort of domestic specialists.

3.The company has the capability of producing all types of kits and vials for measuring water and wastewater parameters especially quantifying cations, anions, COD,… which have potential to compete with credible and world-renowned brands. Our company is proud to pioneer manufacturing the COD measurement kit as one the premier products in Iran relaying on its knowledgeable specialists.

4.Producing a variety of calibration solutions for analyzers such as atomic absorption device, molecular adsorption device, PH meter, conductivity meter and so on.

5.Our fully-equipped labs are capable of analyzing the different parameters of samples in three individual items such as physicochemical, biological and soil. Let us notify that our private laboratory as a reliable lab has been able to win the trust of the Department of the Environment of Qom Province.

Moreover, the provided services in the realm of environment are as follows;

Providing environmental consulting services intended by the Department of the Environment

Conducting environmental studies

Waste Management

Submitting justification-plan reports

Environmental assessment reports

Monitoring of environmental parameters