Standard turbidity solution

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Standard turbidity solution


CRM turbidity

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Turbidity is one of the physical parameter of water which is caused due to the presence of colloidal suspended particles, carcasses of microorganisms, and particles that have the same electrical charge.    Generally, turbidity is an optical property that expresses the degree to which the incident light is scattered or absorbed due to the presence of suspended particles in water. In this regard, nephelometric turbidity unit (NTU) has been agreed as a standard unit in terms of which the degree of water turbidity is quantified. 

The degree of turbidity is measured by means of turbidity meter device which can be calibrated by CRM standard solution. Moreover, the accuracy and validation of the achieved results can be evaluated by these type of solutions.

Technical specifications of the product:


Product NO. محلول (NTU)
33070001 0.1