DO  kit

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Oxygen measurement kit


DO  kit

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Water-soluble oxygen is naturally present in water which results in having a refreshing and palatable drink. Furthermore, it functions as a source of energy and metabolism for aquatic animals. Owing to this fact, the sufficient amount of dissolved oxygen in aerobic ponds, activated sludge systems, urban and industrial water treatment plants is vitally important to provide necessary conditions for metabolism of microorganisms. Moreover, it is essentially required to regularly control and monitor the amount of dissolved oxygen in river beds and ponds that are aquatic habitat.

Since the solubility of oxygen in water is limited, the shortage of water-soluble oxygen itself is a reason for increase in pollution index value. This is due to the rapid reaction of the organic compounds with oxygen which is well-known as chemical oxygen demand (COD). Hence, the water-soluble oxygen is one of the main causes of water corrosion. On the other hand, when iron and oxygen come in contact with water, they act as the anode and cathode poles, respectively. So that, iron as anode consecutively goes through the following process; it first converts to ferrous hydroxide, next ferric hydroxide, and then iron oxide. Thus, monitoring the amount of water-soluble oxygen in industrial water treatment plants particularly steam boilers is crucial.  

Technical specifications of the product:


Product No. Range (ppm) Kit
11070001 0-1 Low Range
11070010 1-10 High Range